My undergraduate degree, Computational Media, is an interdisciplinary degree between the College of Computing and the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts. It's a little bit of a choose your own adventure in that you can pick many upper-level electives.

I've also gone my own way and pursued skills I wanted in my toolbox:

  • Web UI frameworks
  • Databases (MySQL, MongoDB)
  • Client side (Javascript and frameworks, CSS)
  • Server side (PHP, NodeJS)
  • An assortment of languages, including Java, C, C++, C#, Smalltalk, Processing, Arduino
  • Making (laser cutting, woodwork, Arduino, circuitry)
  • Some Kinect experience
  • Some signal processing
  • Some machine learning

I can develop a full web stack including mongoDB, SQL, NodeJS, HTML/CSS/JS, Handlebars, AngularJS, Javascript, and probably other stuff, too. For me, coding is more of a means to an end; I enjoy buiding things (especially my own!) but it's not something I like to do full time.

Club Management Website

This website started as a project for databases systems (CS 4400), but became real. Homemade in MySQL, PHP, and JS, it's a member- and event-management system for the Glee Club. As a fairly casual club, members didn't always remember everything they needed to know: sheet music, event details, attendance, carpools, contact info, etc. This site has facilitated communication and made everyone's lives much, MUCH easier and more convenient.

Tonal Recall

My master's project is Tonal Recall, a tonality learning tool for complete music novices. Using a visualization in place of standard sheet music, anyone should be able to follow the curriculum and train their sense of tonality. It uses webRTC to listen to the user, autocorrelation for pitch detection, SVG for visualizations, JS and CSS, and SQL.

You can read the exhaustive report here.