I believe communication is an important part of any project and frequently overlooked. Effective, powerful communication separates the sheep from the goats and elevates any effort to maximal understanding.

Glee Club

I am the former president of the Georgia Tech Glee Club and have been an officer for six years. I lead organizational efforts for (inter)national tours, performances, rehearsals, and outreach. We are non-auditioned and accept members from the Georgia Tech community. The Glee Club excels at rolling with the punches, and efficient communication makes that happen.


I also really enjoy languages and learn them in my spare time:

  • Spanish: Conversational
  • Italian: Conversational
  • Arabic: Beginner (Current)
  • French: Beginner
  • Russian: Interest


I enjoy writing and have written for the Technique Newspaper for 3 years. I routinely wrote 500-1000 word stories each week about arts and entertainment. I had the joy of emphatically imparting my opinion on the Georgia Tech community.