Developer Portal

For the prototyping phase, I built sketches and wireframes in Axure and presented them to the different stakeholders of the projects. As I got more buy-in I increased the fidelity of the Axure prototype.

First Axure sketch

Higher fidelity Axure prototype

Transaction and Reporting Tool

Payments Insider is one of the projects I worked on at Elavon. It is a web SaaS application to help businesses understand the credit card transactions they've run, icluding sales, refunds, denials, chargebacks, etc. This is a huge project that's been going on for a long time. I worked on the application status (use the buttons on the right), the "settled batches by type" widget , what happens when data doesn't load , a visualization to help businesses with a lot of locations see how their business is organized, and a little bit of a style guide since there's been a lot of inconsistency introduced through this project's long life.

I don't believe someone actually designed this

I brought a little more polish to this page

Loyalty Program Management

Fanfare is one of the projects I worked on at Elavon. It is a web SaaS application to help businesses attract and retain customers with discounts and offers. I worked on redesgigning the entire platform. This is mainly a desktop website, but will soon be on an integrated device (a payment terminal/card swiper). You can see the current state of the prototype here . The project was put on hold and I was reassigned before I finished.

Making a new offer is a big deal, and there's not much explaination for this rarely-done task

I added explanation to each field to remind the user what it is


In this class project, I designed an interface for an embedded device and accompanying mobile app for senior citizens and their caregivers to manage the complex scheduling of medicines and pills. The mobile app is intended mostly for the caregivers (family, friends, and medical staff) and the device is for the patient.

On the device, the patient can see when their next dose is, and what it is. It automatically dispenses the correct dosage and gives visual and audio alerts. The device's interface uses large fonts and buttons, and high contrast visuals so that mobility- and visually-impaired patients can still use it easily.